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A males Peener (Penis)
Isaac- "you tryna put your glouse in her auschwitz?"

Weston- "yes, i am tryna do that"
#postin' #anklespanker #juju rocks #wein #pounds mcsgeescs
by I Post Hella Hard January 08, 2010
A male who apart from his stunning good looks and uncanny ability to charm will often be seen mobbin' deep or at the most bumpin' party postin' at the beer pong table.
Guy 1: "Dude i thought i was hella good at pong but Weston Haight punk'd me hella bad last night"

Guy 2: "Fuck Dude what did you expect weston is a fucking beast".
#weston haight #bumpin' #postin' #beer pong #beast
by I post hella hard June 06, 2009
Rugged good looks, gets down with hella chicks.
Bro 1: "Yo bro guess who got down with hella hot chicks last night"

Bro 2: "prolly Jake Heckerson"

Bro 1: "yup"

Bro 2: "figured"
#gets down #prolly #bro #rugged #hella
by i post hella hard June 07, 2009
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