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n: A compilation of rap battles done by famous (or infamous) individuals, examples include Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader, Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking, and Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris. The individuals performing the battles usually have one thing in common, or one thing completely contradictory to one another.
Announcer: Epic Rap Battles of History: Benjamin Franklin VS Billy Mays BEGIN
Benjamin Franklin: I'm Big Ben Franklin and this shan't be pretty
Let me instruct you how we battle in the City of Philly
You couldn't sell Rick James a bag of crack, you're out of practice.
My victory's more certain than death or taxes.
Fact is, you're a hack whack QVC joke
You peddle soap, that cleans bird shit from my windows.
I'll craft a lyrical coffin then spit the nails in
Call me Arthur Miller son, cuz It's death of a salseman.
Billy Mays: Hi Billy Mays here with a special TV offer
Watch me crush this bald fat foppish founding father
I'll take my awesome auger, and sow your quaker oats
I'll shoot your rhymes down like a regiment of raincoats
I'm lord of the pitch, and leader in home sales.
You're just a lumpy pumpkin who invented the mail.
Benny's got kite'n key, but you're in for a shock
When I strike you with bolts from my lightning rod cock!
by I Palindrome I June 29, 2011

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