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Dirty Soap is defined as the bar of soap in your shower you just used to wash your hands with after masturbating in the shower.
"Just throw that dirty soap out, it's no good anymore."
by I NEVER DO THAT! June 18, 2008
The Spiderweb is achieved through male masturbation in the shower, typically done with the aid of a soapy substance. After ejaculation, as the male lifts his hand up and spreads his fingers apart, it looks like a spiderweb. May also be flung at or on partner after said ejaculation in conjunction with the male shouting "Spiderweb!" and mimicking the motion of Spiderman shooting his spiderweb in the popular comic books and movies.
I'm sorry I just Spiderwebbed you in the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and stomach.
by I NEVER DO THAT! June 18, 2008
After masturbating in the shower, it's necessary to wash your hands twice before they become totally sperm-free. This is the "double wash".
"I had to double wash after that one!"
by I NEVER DO THAT! June 18, 2008

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