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2 definitions by I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!!

"Myers-briggs type indicator." A system used to classify people by their personality. Each personality type has 4 letters. Here are the letters: E or I, E = extraversion, I = intraversion, S or N, S = Sensor, N= intuitive, T or F, T= thinking, F = feeling, P or J, P = percieving J = Judging. You get 4 of these letters and that determines your personality type. Hell, at least it's more accurate than the enneagram.
my mbti type is enfp. What type are you?
by I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!! December 11, 2003
"Your mom" in spanish.
Tu madre es muy feo.
Jodí a tu madre anoche.
by I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!! December 11, 2003