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What used to be a funny TV network, but has lately been slipping. First off, the normal station has been losing very good shows like "Dexter's Lab" and "Courage the Cowardly Dog", (which can now only be found in Top 5) and replacing them with total and utter shit like "Squirrel Boy", "My Gym Partner is a Monkey", and "Camp Lazlo".
Secondly, the original "Cartoon Cartoon Friday's" we all know and love has also been replaced by a gay, fucked-up "Friday's" with Tommy and Zinga (who was replaced by Tara). This so-called "Friday's" has lately been trying to save itself by hiring popular rock bands such as Bowling For Soup and Cartel...and some not-so-popular bands such as Los Lonely Boys.
Toonami and Adult Swim are also slipping. The popular "Tenchi Muyo" series on Toonami was taken off the air a few years ago. I'm surprised they didn't take that Dragon Ball shit off instead. They also took off "Sailor Moon" and "Samurai Jack", both excellent productions. Adult Swim is adding "Robot Chicken" and overplaying reruns of "Family Guy".
I lost almost all respct for Cartoon Network once they came up with "Tickle U".
Cartoon Network used to be good, but now it's Shit.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 02, 2006
1:The most commercialized band on the face of the earth. They have been in Scooby Doo 2, Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV, and VH1.
These very kind Canadian men are often ridiculed for playing whiny music that explains how much their life sucks, when in reality, SP are just making music that fans relate to. None of their lives ever sucked as much as in Africa and they know that.
They are not posers of course, because if you go to SP's website, it says on the first page that they don't give a flying fuck what kind of music they are.
Fans of this band are usually in the age group of 7-13. I admit that I'm 12 and I listen to SP, but also Bad Religion and NoFX. Fans falsely put Simple Plan in the Punk category when they should be in the Alternative category.
You can catch SP on any tv station. Like I said, "Most Commercialized". Similar to Good Charlotte
Poor Simple Plan deserve more respect than they get.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING July 24, 2006
A band originating in Wichita Falls, Texas. After releasing ROCK ON HONORABLE ONES!!! they moved to Denton, Texas. in 2000, LETS DO IT FOR JOHNNY came out with many hilarious songs including their first single, "The Bitch Song". in 2002, they released DRUNK ENOUGH TO DANCE with 2 singles: "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" and "Emily". Bowling For Soup then re-released the album with "Punk Rock 101", which is the reason why many people think they are poseurs. In mid 2004, Bowling For Soup released their biggest and best album, A HANGOVER YOU DON'T DESERVE. It contained singles "1985", "Almost", and more recently, "Ohio (Come Back To Texas)". This album was VERY similar to Blink-182 and Sum 41's style of just having fun except a little less obnoxious.

A lot of people hate this band for a few reasons:
1: The overplaying of the song "1985" on the radio.
2: They're WAY too busy bitching about what's punk and what's not
3: They just don't like them, which is acceptable, but some people make fun of others for listening to "fake music"

So, Bowling for Soup is a great band. They just need more fans.
Real fan: I love Bowling For Soup! I have heard just about all of their songs and I can't get enough of them! Rock on Honorable ones!!!


Real hater: I am not a fan of Bowling For Soup. I have heard just about all of their songs and I don't like it. However, I accept the fact that some people may like this band.

Retard: BFS suxx0rz!!! 1985 sux THERE4, BfS SUXXXXXXXXXX!!!! FanZ BERN IN HeLl!1!!11!1!!!1!!1!2
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING July 03, 2006
A great song that was completely killed by the radio. Here's the history:
The song was originally written and recorded by SR-71 on their album HERE WE GO. It was about a woman who wanted to be a star in the 80s but had an unplanned pregnancy.
A friend of SR-71's Mitch Allan, Jaret Reddick was in the UK that year with his band, Bowling For Soup. BFS had just been nominated for a grammy in 2002 and were about to put the finishing touches on A HANGOVER YOU DON'T DESERVE. Jaret decided to buy his friend's album and the song that caught his ears was...1985. Nobody really knows who made the call. According to SR-71's website, Jaret called and asked if he could rewrite the song and put it on their new album. But according to Bowling for Soup's website, Mitch called Jaret and asked about the cover. All we know is BFS rewrote and covered 1985 and the awesome cover was over played on every radio station thus ruining it.
In 2005, something horrible happened. KidzBop ruined the already ruined song by putting it on KidzBop 7. Also, a copy of KidzBop, 4 Kidz by Kidz put it on 4 Kidz by Kidz 2. Radio Disney found the song and edited it. someone put it on a karaoke thingy. Even though the song kept getting put on all the useless cover albums, people started to pay less attention to the song and Bowling For Soup. They were luckily saved when they released "Almost" as a single, but it may not have happened. It just goes to show you the evils of the radio.
1985 is a great song but it was overplayed on the radio.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING July 19, 2006
A really good band that has a lot of talent. The lead singer, Brendon Urie is amazing. Not only does he sing, but he plays rhythm guitar, piano, organ, accordion, Techno keyboard, and is also a talented actor. Poor Brendon has a hard time singing live, though. Watch the videos on MTV.com to see what I mean.
Unlike most bands, they don't have a specific style. I'm very surprised that some people call them emo because their only song that can actually be classified as emo is "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off". They were also influenced by blink-182 which is falsely labeled emo by many people. Instead, they cover almost every style of rock and made their own style by combining pop-punk and techno.
They are sadly given a bad name by poser fans, teenyboppers, and dumbasses who put "! At the Disco" on their MySpace account. I actually once saw "Bowling! At the Disco-182" WTF?
Bowling! At the Disco-182: Panic! At The Disco FUCKEN ROX!!! THERE LIKE MY FAVRIT BAND!!!:D
Me: Yeah, but you're ruining their image by putting ! "At the Disco" in your name. You're also ruining Bowling for Soup and blink-182.
Me: I listen to everything, dumbass. that includes Panic! and Bad Religion.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 05, 2006
Not so long ago...in two countries not so far away...
In the 80s, two companies battled and battled releasing console after console. The two companies were SEGA and Nintendo. SEGA eventually released the Saturn, which left Nintendo the champ. However, in the mid 90s, Sony came up with the PlayStation console and SEGA fell to the power of the two companies. And in 2001, Microsoft released the XBox, Nintendo released the GameCube, and Sony the PlayStation 2. These three consoles are currently fighting with many advantages. Nintendo with its neverending series like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, and Kirby. Microsoft with its World domination, violence, and graphics. And Sony with amazing RPGs like Final Fantasty.
Microsoft has just released the XBox 360, Sony will soon release the PlayStation 3, and Nintendo will come in last place with the Wii. The Console Wars rage on!!!
Who will win the Console Wars? I sure hope Nintendo doesn't fail...
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING July 30, 2006
A band that will, in the near future, save the punk genre. Face it, hardcore assholes. Anyone who says "YLWCRD IZNT PNK" Has probably not heard the album WHERE WE STAND or the new single "Lights and Sounds". OCEAN AVENUE was not a punk album and neither was the song of the same title, but the one after it was and the one just released this year (LIGHTS AND SOUNDS) has a few punk-ish songs.
They are often confused for Yellow Card, which is a penalty in soccer. Also, stupid teenyboppers sometimes say "OMGZ! YLWCRD HZ A VIOLIN!!! THR SO ORIGNL!!!". Blue October has a violin. Led Zeppelin has an organ. Panic! at the Disco has a techno keyboard, piano, organ, and accordion. Which band is most original?
Yellowcard will release another album in 2007 or 2008.
Dick - Yellow Card rocks! They're so original with the violin!!!
Me - It's Yellowcard not Yellow Card, and Panic! at the Disco have more instruments than any other band in existence.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 16, 2006

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