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Frustrated and ignorant people who show up to political town hall meetings to intimidate hard-working individuals who are there to discuss solutions to real political and economic problems.

Their main methods of getting their voices heard are loudly parroting idiotic buzzwords such as "socialism", "nazi" and "death panel" while brandishing guns only to reveal they themselves are just spineless pussies with guns.

These people are typically dredged from a fantasy world where it's OK to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars on unjustified foreign wars while denouncing a domestic programs that would actually empower American people in the face of a collusive healthcare industry.

Amazingly similar to the "Internet Tough Guy" we have to bear on internet forums.
Town Hall Protestor: Obamer is a socialist nazi! NO GOVMUNT HEALTHCARE!!

Rational Person: Jesus, that Town Hall Tough Guy needs to get laid...
by I Hunt Hipsters for Sport August 21, 2009

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