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An arrogant 16 year old douchebag who gained popularity first from Vine, then decided to start making Youtube videos unfortunately. He and two other of his ugly friends made a video called "What Guys Look For In Girls" where they all basically describe their ideas of a perfect girl. Nash at first says "Be yourself, be natural" to the young girls who maybe and most likely are watching the video and then goes on saying that he dislikes it when girls have body hair and that it's mandatory that they shave because it's "gross" when they don't. After receiving much hate and backlash for this stupid fucking video, he took it down but people still continue to rip this guy a new one making him a huge joke. Someone should tell Nash Grier that girls don't like boys who have eyes so close together that they could give them two black eyes with one punch. The fact that this little fuck has 1 million YT subscribers makes me lose faith in all humanity.
Girl #1: "Hey do you like my outfit?"

Girl #2: "No way, you can see your arm hair!"

Girl #1: "Who the fuck cares?"

Girl #2: "Nash Grier!"
by I Have Arm Hair January 27, 2014
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