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A place located in the county of westchester. Most of the population in Eastchester are not aware that they aren't black. They create "gangs" such as the 'E-thugz'. Ironically, Eastchester is an upper-middle class town, with multiple country clubs. They are even known to create gang-signs. Many of these "gangsters" lived in the bronx for around a year, and represent that very well, occasionally developing fake accents. Then there are punk kids. They practice bisexual acts, and dress like assholes. This group is full of posers. 98.634% of punks are just posers. Skateboarders also reside in Eastchester. Usually, starting at a young age, they enjoy skateboarding more than anything. When they mature, they realize that drugs are very fun also, and skateboarding slows down. It is an endless cycle. Very few people in eastchester are "drug free". There is also a gang called "WLC", standing for Wood Land Creatures. Don't fuck with these people, for they are true gangsters and will shoot you.
Typical "gangster" saying: "Br-a-a-a-a-h motha fucka, E-thugz repping fo' life, nigga!"

Typical "gangster" saying: Fuck tha government, because hating the government is cool!"

Typical "Skateboarder" saying: I don't feel like skating, call someone up and lets buy some trees."
by I Hate Eastchester June 06, 2005
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