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1 definition by I Hat Enigg Ers

A Nick Clegg is a character with political promises that seem reasoned and optimistic in an age of austerity and financial setbacks for a nation, but in the oppurtunity of gaining political power and the oppurtunity to enact them, do the complete opposite and compromise all that he stands for and worked towards when he actually gains political office
Nick Clegg: I promise to cut taxes for the poor, improve services for the disabled, and cut the tuition fees for undergraduates in universities.
Nick: Where do I sign david?


Nick Clegg: we are now increasing the VAT to 20%, decreasing the provisions in the Disability Living Allowance and increasing tuition fees threefold. I feel dead inside, for I am Nick Clegg.
by I Hat Enigg Ers April 08, 2011
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