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Any Motorcycle with roughly 1000cc displacement.
You probably shouldnt have a Literbike as your first bike.
by I Hate You June 12, 2004
usually milk but can be attributed to other white milky substances. popularized by the simpsons t.v. series.
gimmie a glass of moo-juice
by I HATE YOU May 16, 2003
What that one street thug in Grand Theft Auto III sez when fighting somebody on the streets. He wears blue camo cargo shorts, brown work boots, a black Tshirt, with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath, and a green skullcap. He talks like a frickin troll.
LOSAH! *Punch Punch BOOF*
by I Hate You August 12, 2004
a brand of clothing now only worn by townie twats
"merrrr, check out mi burbri hat innit, hey look at them fuckin goffiks wiv ther individualism, let's hate em"
by i hate you September 12, 2003
think they are original but really they are all the clones of one another.
disgusting make-up.
choppy over dyed hair.
ridiculous clothing.
"lyke oh em gee!! i'm hott like sexx..
electroo!!! fashion is my life lyke i i hide my ugly face with tons of make-up yay!!..i'm 13 and i smoke..but its ok i look cool. right??!!!??"
by i hate you February 04, 2005
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