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adj: To get figuratively raped so badly that it is as if three horses shoved their large meat into three orifice's of your body and ripped you into pieces.
Tom: What did you think of the quiz yesterday?
Sarah: It was three horses bad.
by I HATE SCHOOL March 23, 2008
1. a poem that consistes of four lines rapeate again and again that somehow is supposed to make sense and mean something different every time you mix them up again.

2. something that teachers enjoy forcing their students to write just so they can watch them squirm and give them an F

3. what i should be figguring out how to write whilst (see, im poetic) i waste time by writing a definition for it on urban dictionary

4. see sonnet
evil english teacher- i going to need you to write a sonnet and pantoum
you- ;-; *bites head off evil english teacher*
evil english teacher- ahhhh!
you- oops.....
by I HATE SCHOOL March 06, 2007
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