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You take a shit into a condom, then freeze it and fuck a girl/guy with the frozen shit. This term originates from the cold weather in Alaska and the large amount of pipelines.
Guy 1: Yo, this chick was totally down for an Alaskan Pipeline.

Guy 2: Really? That's fucked up! When did you do her?

Guy 1: Just a few minutes ago. She even wanted it up her ass!
by I Fiend Cack May 31, 2009
A person who fiends cack and needs this 24/7. A fiender of cack is usually male, because females are generally known to do this anyway. Cack fienders are often found in the wild on camping trips, especially in male only groups.
Person A: You fiend cack.
Person B: No I don't.
Person A: You were rubbing my cack in the tent last night, you are a fiend.
Person B: So you're saying I fiend cack?

Person A: Yes, you FIEND cack!!!
by I Fiend Cack May 12, 2009

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