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The main point of insult on the Internet. Due to the stereotypical immaturity of a 12-year-old, most trolls and idiots on the internet are commonly attacked and named 12 year olds. Most people judge someone's 12-ness on the amount of 'ZOMG's in a sentence, their amusement at an overused meme or a bad word. They are also supposedly supposed to enjoy joining in with the 'grown-up' stuff such as rickrolling, chatroulette, omegle, and vandalising wikipedia, as well as more serious things such as boasting their feigned use of cannabis or 'weed' as most call it. Fortunately, this stereotype is not always correct, as some 12-year-olds are actually relatively intelligent. But that's another story...specifically for the nerd, boff, boffin, dork and geek definitions.
Uninformed individual: Freakin' 12 year olds.
by I Define The Internet June 09, 2010
1) n. To be used in similes to show something is epic.
2) v. To be used to show you are doing something epic.
3) a. To be used to show how awesome what you are looking at is epic.
4) av. To be used to show how epic what you are/were doing is/was.

The phrase 'asimov's sideburns' refers to the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, known mainly for his writing and good intellect, but the hidden gem of his character were his heavily-cultivated sideburns. Asimov fans around the world recognise Asimov's sideburns as some of the most persona-defining, ingenious, and gravity-defying hair since Friderich Nietzche's moustache.
1) She was as awesome as asimov's sideburns.

The Grand Canyon's pure sight was breathtaking, like asimov's sideburns.
2) I totally asimov's sideburned down that road.
3) Wow, did you see that asimov's sideburns car?
4) The car was asimov's sideburning asimov's sideburnly.
by I Define The Internet May 09, 2010
Derived from an advertisement for Orange in the United Kingdom, 'I just bought broccoli, lol!' is a deliberate satire on when people write stupid, unnecessary things as their Facebook status or Twitter tweet. Can be shortened to IJBBLOL.
Random blonde facebook chick: 'Hai gais, jst kssin ma bf rite nao brb'
Person with more than half a braincell: I just bought broccoli lol!

Guy at uni for no other reason than to get stoned out of his mind: d00d. so hi rite nao.
Person with more than half a braincell: IJBBLOL!
by I Define The Internet April 14, 2010
A derogatory term taken from the famous DJ Norman Cook's preferred stagename, Fatboy Slim. Cook being quite a thin character, it's obvious the derogatory term is an inverse of this, directed at obese people.
Obese guy: Shut up, it's glandular.
by I Define the Internet June 19, 2010
A phrase originating in get medieval, 'getting Peter Harvey' on someone is extremely violently teaching them a lesson. A reference to the British teacher Peter Harvey who went balls-to-the-wall mental at a 14-year-old student who swore at him, teaching the boy a lesson he wouldn't soon forget (namely by breaking his skull with a 3 kilogram dumbell while shouting 'die die die').
Person 1: Oi, you see that idiot over there who was talking crap about me earlier?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: I'm gonna get Peter Harvey on his arse.
by I Define The Internet May 01, 2010
A mini lol is a laugh that is not quite 'lol', but is still technically a 'laugh out loud'. It is in between ':|' and 'lol' on the lolage spectrum. It's a quiet laugh, the real-life equivalent of 'Heh'.
Person 1: Your mum is fat.
Person 2: Well you're gay.
Person 1: Man, I was just joking with you!
Person 2: ...mini lol?
by I Define The Internet April 09, 2010
To quit a video game out of fear rather than rage, à la ragequitting. Usually because of something so mindfuckingly scary you literally cannot continue playing.
Gamer 1: Oh, dude, I just got Dead Space 2, I couldn't even finish Dead Space.
Gamer 2: Why?
Gamer 1: I kept fearquitting!

Later that day...

Gamer 1: Never again...never again...
Gamer 2: You fearquit, bro?
Gamer 1: *nods*
Gamer 2: Don't feel bad, man. Happens to the best of us.
by I Define The Internet February 26, 2011

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