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a barbarian with immense fighting prowess. Played by a man named Arnold who has also been a robot and countless other deadly beings.
Conan has great facial expressions during battle.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003
1. a person who annoys you with the idiotic stupidity of the things he/she says and the ideas he/she thinks.
2. a person who has no idea what he/she is talking about.
Shut up you god damned plebe dick.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003
1. a paradox of nature
2. a person who does not have an apparent sex. (like "it's pat")
Whoa! Look over there. That's a trick dike right there.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003
a small gun that does little harm when the standard firing function is used, but does a good deal of damage if it is used to bludgeon someone's eye areas.
Whatever you do, just don't use the deuce deuce on me. You might dent my soda can.
by I Dance Jigs March 12, 2003

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