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To have the last drag or drags on a spliff
"Yo bredren do ya want any more of this spliff, theirs a few drags left"

Nah im good man, you kill it
by I C E August 25, 2005
you'd say it when someone is talking complete useless crap & wont shut up, when someone is trying to put a point across & you dont understand what it is
1ST GUY --- " its true though aint it, you know what i mean ? "

2ND GUY --- " check you chatting bubbles"

3RD GUY --- " Yeah i know man, your chatting big fucking bubbles "
by I C E August 25, 2005
you say it to someone when you know their lying out of their teeth, like putting all attention on someone & saying look at you chatting bollocks
1ST GUY -- "i slept with a girl last night mate & i went 15 hours straight without firing once "

2ND GUY ---- " check you "
by I C E August 25, 2005
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