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Largest City in Wisconsin. Population of close to 600,000 but on the decline. Unfortunately the city is best known by Coo Coo Cal's "In My Projects." Like most midwestern cities, Milwaukee is at it's best in the summertime when you can ride through the city and everybody is out with the whips on chrome and females with next to nothing on.
Milwaukee be jumpin when it's hot.
by I Am Who I Am May 28, 2005
Slang for the 5th Ward in Houston, Texas.
Don't fuck wit the bloody nickel foo
by I Am Who I Am May 28, 2005
Northside slang for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
This aint that Killa Cali but we call it Killa Mil. -D.R.E.
by I Am Who I Am May 31, 2005
A guy who uses his girl and fucks around with other girls while he has a girlfriend and then do like he is sorry for it

to get her back when she founds out and then hurt her again
and the lie to everybody saying that he girl was wrong
jermain made his girlfriend cry again
by i am who i am August 06, 2012
An exceptionally ugly female.
That brawd right there is a booger.
by I Am Who I Am May 28, 2005

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