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Possibly the most effective anti-virus on the market, commonly sold in most Wal'Mart stores as a quick "over the counter" cure to all diseases/illnesses. Currently sold in 5, 10, and 6000Mg doses, and can be purchased in a liquid form if desired.

Warning: Due to the amazing effects of Cyanide, this should only be taken by those who value their lives and wish to live a long happy life.
"Cyanide Cured my Cancer, AIDS, herpes, and Existence!"

Side-effects include, loss of breath, drowsiness, fatigue, inability to get a hard on, low sperm count, discoloration of the skin with prolonged use, loss of hair, loss of flesh, loss of brain matter, limbs unexpectedly detach from the body, inability to feel human emotions, craving for the consumption of human brains, disorientated motor skills, loss of a heart beat, coagulation of the blood, limited muscle movement, calcification of the feet and hands, and uncontrollable bowel movements.
by I Am The Omega May 28, 2008
16th century spanish explorer that occationally farts out of his genitalia
"Tony dont be such a conquiefstador"
by I Am The Omega February 29, 2008
A person that is stupid enough to look up retard in the dictionary...
Hey that guy called me a retard for looking up retard in the dictionary! Just cause i have the IQ of a cereal box doesn't mean i dont have feelings, just means i dont like milk...
by I Am The Omega May 28, 2008

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