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3 definitions by I Am The Ax

Something a person you like gives you that instantly weirds you out for whatever reason.

A gift from someone you like that you keep until finding out they're actually creepy as hell.
Betty: Did Tony really give you a t-shirt with his picture on it?

Carrie: Yeah, total Creepsake.
by I Am The Ax October 05, 2011
Someone who fails miserably when trying to have sex due to booze, drugs, or nervousness.
Amy said Mike was totally DisFucktional last night after that bottle of Purple Passion.
by I Am The Ax October 05, 2011
When it damn near takes divine intervention to get rid of your ex-boy/girlfriend.
Gina called me 34 fuckin' times yesterday. I need a major Ex-orcism from that bitch!
by I Am The Ax October 05, 2011