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Basically, the female version of a chav. The chavette will have at least 5 of the following characteristics; gold hoop earrings big enough for a parrot to sit on; pink/blue velour tracksuit; white trainers/stilettos; burbery anything; fag in hand; "Croydon Facelift" caused by pulling her hair into a ponytail so tightly that it stretches her face; caked on makeup; sullen look; upraised middle finger; low slung jeans; pushchair and baby.

All chavettes, regardless of weight, will be wearing their clothes at least 2 sizes too small. They will wear their tracksuit bottoms and low slung jeans in such a way that their huge gut/pregnant bump is exposed and when they bend over, their thong.

The chavette will be pregnant with her first child before she reaches 5th year; the father may or may not hang around. Some chavettes can have around 5 kids with different fathers. They will still believe that having sex while standing up will ensure that they don't get pregnant and will insist on keeping the hapless baby to ensure that they get a council house. The chavette will also be seen slapping her kids around the head and swearing at them in public.
Chavette: (to kid) Shut the fuck up, Darren!
#chav #charver #ned #skank #kappa slapper
by I Am Deth June 14, 2006
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