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a show that was made out of a book that is being pulled off as a kids show. on my opinion it is a soap opra for aussie girls that consiter themselves cool and sissy.

woopey doo.
I knew it, you were in my truck!


Saddle club!

I have no freaking clue.
by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
"What Would Rosy and Ella Do" its the new yolo. Say it like this: the letter W twice, then say the word red.
"Yo should i go make snow angle in the nude?"
"Aight sweet brah take out the video camera this is gona get gnarly."
by I am iron man January 28, 2013
The kick ass animal that I am obbsessed with.Related to the coyote, dingo, and domesticated dog, the wolf lives in a pack and will hunt together and live. A pack has two alphas, a beta, and other ranks. Yeah. They rock.
A wolf approched me, and raised his head of a black storm and let thunder be heard.

-Luka Thy Wolf
by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
When you keep writing or coloring and cannot stop. You will let your hand slip off the paper, and stab someone.
An evil plot to get rid of the population.
I had writer colider, and stabbed Jimmy in da eye.

by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
Not to be mistaken for Kencil my pencil, it is a handy writing mobobber that can write words, draw things, and can take over our minds at times. Otherwise known as a writer colider.
Kenny thought that a pencil had talked to him before.


I grabbed Kencil my pencil and wrote away.
by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
An animal like a wolf that has features of a human. This can be a cat, walrus, whale, or any animal. Many do art in this catergory, like my picture of the grey wolf.
I was an anthro wolf that name was clear as I was- my name was anto.
by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
A girl who just can't close her legs, and is crazy about sex.
"Yo dude, last night that slut Karen showed her juicy tits in front of me and Jake- oh man, did we fuck."
by I Am Iron Man May 19, 2006
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