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A female is the male counterpart of ANY species, not just humans. See also: male. Learn how to define things, e-people.
The unexplainable creature of mystery which no one can figure out, not even the females themselves.
by I AM Canadian! July 27, 2004
Meaning yes, hi, cool or just used when you have nothing to say. Not meaning word.
Bob: You wanna fuckin' go homes?
Bill: Wurd!

Sam: So...
Jim: Wurd!

Sally: You wanna go to the movie tonight?

Jim-Bob: That car was so sick
I AM Canadian: Yeah, it was wurdish!
by I AM Canadian! July 26, 2004
1.The day of when Canadian's celebrate their heritage.
-The holiday which everyone forgot to define.
Canada Day is t3h 1337 haxxor.
by I AM Canadian! July 25, 2004
Dammit, people. This is the holiday from which Canadians remember all the soldiers who died for Canada's freedom. But you should have all known that already.
Canadian 1: Eh!
Canadian 2: Eh!
Canadian 3: Damn, what a long conversation about Remembrance Day!
by I AM Canadian! January 28, 2005
1.The French spelling for Canadian.

2. One who lives in or was born in Canada.

3. The hockey team from Montreal, the Montreal Canadien's.
1. C'est le jour du Canadien.

2. Guy from Quebec: He's a Canadien.
Guy not from Quebec: No, he's Canadian.

3. Hardcore Montreal Canadien's hockey team fan: Le condamner, le Canadien se perdu encore.

Real hockey fan: Fermer la baise en haut, vous le morceau de morceau de Quebecian de merde de merde
by I AM Canadian! July 27, 2004
Basically just people on the internet, and now that they use the internet, they are e-people (or e people if you want.)

-Mostly used by losers who spend all their time on the internet.
l33t357_|-|@><><0r: 101 57|=|_| 3-|030|0!3
by I AM Canadian! December 02, 2004
Someone who has a red neck. Plain and simple.
Bob: Hey, you got a sunburn! You Redneck!

Jim: I know man, it's hot out here.
by I AM Canadian! December 02, 2004

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