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2 definitions by I've been all over

A really nice clothing line that is for white people.

Sometimes foreigners in Canada try to wear that kind of stuff but they only do it because they can't fit in any other way. It does look better on white waspy girls but maybe thats just because that is how it is portrayed in the media. It's kind of pathetic then on the other hand suburbs are silly too because all people do there is drive to the malls, buy clothes and the hottest girls always scowl at guys anyways. It's a pretty tough set up to socialize.

Anyways abercrombie has the sexiest clothes out there. Wearing that type of clothing will raise a girls rating by a full ten percent. Say a slightly chubby girl wore something crappy like boca and she was a 6, she would be a 7 if she wore good looking abercrombie clothes.

Maybe they are too sexual and teens should wait before they have sex and casually blow guys at partys but A&F clothes are still hot as fuck.
Hopefully some people that wear Abercrombie are still virgins because girls that lose their virginity before they are done High School are sluts. They shouldn't fuck until they are well into University and have met someone they want to live with forever.

Abercrombie is a stupid name but the clothes look good so it's ok.
by I've been all over June 19, 2006
A city located on Lake Ontario that thinks it rules but in reality, it sucks.

Toronto prides itself with being diverse with Indonesian, Chinese and Muslims of all sorts. But unfortunately they are so caught up with trying to make these people feel welcome that white people get left behind. Just watch City TV. There is this ugly ass dark skin foreign news woman that looks like a hairy ass and the only reason she got the job is because she isn't white. I don't know about you but i'd rather watch a hot white woman on TV. All of these young professional Indonesian women try to dress like business women and take pride in their ethnicity. They also like to go to this coffee shop called Timothy's that is for faggots. Then they sit in there with their chinese and black friends and talk about issues and how they find it challenging to cut in in Canada with white people when it's them that cause the real problem.

It is also full of faggots and adademics that preach gay rights, and like to bash Americans. That pisses me off large because they live the same type of life as Americans but they still like to lay insults. I also can't stand gay men that carry a man purse or fag bag. They look like fucking pussies and they spend all their time in the salon getting highlights.

Even the white people there are assholes. They think that just because the Blue Jays play in Toronto that they have a Major League City. As a result all sorts of posers emerge. The most evident are the Jamaicans and other immigrants for that matter that pretend they are Harlem Hustlers. They think it will get them selves far to act like Finch Ave is gangsta just like the Bronx but they just end up putting gas in my car ten years down the road. You know who you are and lets's not forget the exco wiggers too.

Torontonians think that their city rules but they are the only ones that are really impressed. Anyone that has been to Chicago, New York, Montreal or Calgary know the meaning of a real city.

The only people that I don't mind are the greeks, jews, and Italians because Italian Women are beautiful and all of those people are pretty outgoing and they do a good job getting along with normal people. In other words they are basically white and they are definitely compatable.
Jamaican: Hey mon I'm too stupid to pass literacy test clown. Yo hustla, I like listening to jams of Kardinal Offishal talking about thug life so gangsta yeahh. Maybe someday the Americans will give props to Canadian rap hommie ganja smoker foole.

Indonesian: Ya holmes I wish Toronto was as dangerous as Detroit. Violence is just so Gangsta. I ride the 36 Finch Ave bus because i'm too poor to drive mon. Tomorrow I'm going to Scarlem to wear my baggy raptors jersey with my other gangsta hommies yo. That will get me far in life mon.

Pakistani woman with job: Ahhh. How I wish there were more opportunities for pakistani women. I think it is so unifair that white people can get jobs. Well got to get back to work so I can fund Al Quada back in the old country.

faggot: Oh my god I like so love these alian sunglasses and ugg boots they are so cute. And I love getting my salad tosses by people of all ethnicities.

Hot White female from London that everyone wants to do: (steps on the bloor danforth subway) Oh my god lets we should have taken the car. This train totally smells like diversity.

Rural Ontarian: Man I hate going into Toronto because those faggots and paki's don't understand that farmers grow food that feeds the gayest city on earth.
by I've been all over June 19, 2006