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She can be an amazing outgoing person. Really shy, but once you get to know her, she is really crazy! She is very self conscious about herself, so watch out! She can be really funny, crazy, amazing, weird, etc. She has beautiful eyes! If you meet a Taylor, don't let her go! She can fall in love very easily. She is a very forgiving person and very trustworthy. She can be the most laziest person at times, but she is very active. She is very beautiful, but remember NEVER call her ugly, she will believe anything you say. She will be in denial if you call her pretty, but in her head she would be going crazy. Never let a Taylor go cause once she's gone, she never comes back.
Person #1: Hey, who is that girl? She is really pretty and out going!
Person #2: That's Taylor, why? Someone got a crush?
Person #1: Who wouldn't??
by I'mOneandOnly June 24, 2013

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