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The week a felmale has her little VIST
Poor emo week girl: Do you Have a Tampon?
Good friend whos always ready: On you're Emo Week? {Hands Tampon
by I'mInlovewithlipringBOY May 08, 2007
A GleefulEmo
Simply a Happy, somewhat Spazy Person Who Enjoys The emo-style They Dress And Talk Like Emos.... but they Give out free hugs, And Sometimes Listen to techno Why else would Painic! Have gotton so rad on!
Real Emo: So.... My Life pretty Much Sucks
Gleemo: Oh, i'm Sorry......{hug} Heehee
{Runs away to hug others, Somewhat triping over scarf and pushing hair back into face}
Random hugged Person: Girl Is Fine, Pysco, but FIiiNnEee
by I'mInlovewithlipringBOY May 08, 2007
Tampon, A hidden meaning
{In frount of a large group of males aside to a friend}
Emo-weeker: Do you have errrm.....I could REALy use a lollipop right about now...
Friend:in the little pocket
by I'mInlovewithlipringBOY May 08, 2007
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