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yes, we get it, not all people who wear black or have some gothic aspects are goths. however, when people refer to goths, they usually mean:

- weird people with pure white make-up... because that looks good....um.... oh wait no. usually they have black eyeshadow, and if they're a mega-goth they have it going down their face like tears or blood from the mouth.

- retards wherever you go that hang around places looking depressed and sad. they usually listen to shitty bands like cradle of filth and marilyn manson.

- people who come to school very late or don't come in at all. when asked why, the usual response is something like "I had my period for the 7th time this month" or "I was tired," - because obviously they are the only ones that feel tired in the morning.
Want to become a goth: a unique individual, rebelling against conformists? Just wear all the same clothes they do and listen to all the same music they do!
by I'm your mother December 11, 2004

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