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1.) A high school located in the Chicagoland town of Mount Prospect, Illinois, which was named the Best Place to Raise a Child by Businessweek 08-09.
2.) Hot but conceited guys.
3.) Significant population of girls who are full of it and are selfish and insecure and care more about themselves than anyone else. Like seriously, someone needs to type up a definition of "Stupid Girls" and use PHS girls as an example.
4.) Some of the guys from there who don't get a lot of action are creeps who will stalk random girls who don't know them online.
5.) Overall, one of the best high schools in the Chicagoland area.
1.) Jack and Sarah want to have their son go to Prospect High School, which is in the best town to raise a child.
2.) Rebecca said to never date a Prospect High School guy because, even though they're hot, they can be really self-absorbed.
3.) Sometimes I wonder why most Prospect High School girls are so mean?
4.) This boy from Prospect High School is stalking me and my friends on Facebook and somehow got a hold of our screennames and won't stop bugging us. We blocked him :)
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by I'm too good for this site, HA March 16, 2009
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