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A really fun girl who NEVER shuts up. She is always there for you when you need her. But from the moment she starts to talk, she won't stop. No matter how much you try (HAHA)! But still, she's always there for you and you wouldn't want to trade her for the world. On your most down moments, she says the most random thing and puts a smile on your face. And when you're in one of those 'I hate person x' moments, she helps you back up by spilling all the most negative thoughts she has about him/her. (THANK YOU) She's wonderful, amazing, funny, loving, talkative, the best! And don't forget: she has a great smile that I love and somethimes miss. Thanks girl, for everything (:

You know you love me too ;)

XOXO, the hottest, funniest, sweetest, cutest (and more) girl you know (:

thank you ;)
Me: Tomorrow I'll go to-
Annelien: I'm going to blablablablablabla
Me: you never shut up
Annelien: Yes I do but now I won't because blablabla

Love, Me :)
mwahaha ;)

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