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3 definitions by I'm just ducky McGucky

The act of grabbing your huge cock by the base, and smacking it repeatedly off the forehead of another!
"Did you see the nasty bruise on Garrett's forehead?" "Yeah, someone told me that Carl gave him the Alabama Hammer!"
by I'm just ducky Mcgucky February 13, 2009
The fist full week of May every year when you let your freak flag fly and neglect shaving in preparation for the week of the FU!
Garret : Nice Fu Carl!

Carl : Back at you Garrett.

Garrett : Cyphers looks like a child molester, but ours are fucking RAD!

Carl : Yeah, and Zack's a Pussy cause he wont let me shave his beard into the shape of a BALLSAC!!! Oh well, it's National Fu Man Chu Week BITCHES!!
by I'm Just Ducky McGucky May 07, 2009
The very first vagina from which our world was birthed
Garrett's mom keeps hitting on me, but she's drunk, and frankly, I'm a bit scared of her primordial cooze
by I'm just ducky McGucky February 04, 2010