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A douchy American Idol contestant. He is extremely into himself and loves to act sexy to get votes. All he sings is country and it's just like the same song over, and over, and over again. Yet, he is in the top three (possibly top two, or winner, I don't know, this is just now). Even his dad wants to be him, for whatever reason. He is extremely corny but, JLo jacks off when he sings. He should have been voted off a LONG time ago. Help me make that happen A.S.A.P! God, we will trade you Casey or Pia, for Scotty. Well, Condregulations for reading all of this. Penis. Bye.
Shannon: OMG! My boyfriend is such a JERK!

Emma: Was he Scotty?

Shannon: Yea, I should have known better

Emma: *shame
by I'm a Person "smart one" May 18, 2011

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