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"One of em's fat and loud, second one's black and proud, the third one's drunk and wild, the fourth one's slim and sly, one of em's just shy, last one's young and wise, home grown, battle tested, you gonna love these guys" -(from their song "nappy roots day").

"Nappy Roots" is a rap group consisting of 6 guys that met as students at Western Kentucky University, 2 of them are from Oakland and the other 4 were born and raised in Kentucky. Their country pride is evident in just about all of their songs. Nappy Roots is most well known for their hits: "aw naw" and "po folks".
Hank: Say Gus...who is the dopest rappers in Kentucky?
Gus: Well I reckon that'd be "Nappy Roots"
by I'm Wilford July 06, 2010

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