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When someone takes a crap that is so magnificent they cannot bring themselves to flush, and instead must show everyone they know this magnificent creation.
Bob: Joe! You must see this! Come with me! Something magnificent has happened!
Joe: Wow, ok
Bob: Look, look here at what I have created!
Joe: Um, wow, nice turd Bob
Bob: Nice turd? That is no mortal turd Joe, this is the Turd of turds!
Joe: Yeah, sure, I can see that. A true evangelical movement you've had there.
by I'm Pseudonym February 15, 2011
Jacking off to underage porn or anime
John: fap-fap-fap-fa

Tom: Hey Jo- WHOA! Did I come at a bad time?

John: Um, uh, no, I uh-

Tom: Wait, those girls look a bit young. Are you lolifapping?

John: No, no, they're just Asian.
by I'm Pseudonym February 12, 2011
People who are seriously afraid of making other people mad and are therefore so accommodating they tend to piss people off anyway.
Jill: Can I help you with that?

Bill: No, I got it, thanks

Jill: Are you comfortable?

Bill: I'm fine thanks

Jill: Can I get something for you?

Bill: I said I'm fine

Jill: Oh no! I made you upset! What can I do to fix this!?!

Bill: Damn, just chill and stop being so damn aggrophobic
by I'm Pseudonym February 12, 2011
A woman whose husband no longer finds her sexually attractive, no longer desires to sleep with her and instead spends his free time whacking off to porn.
Jill: Kelly always seems so unhappy anymore. What's going on with her?

Jane: That poor girl's a wank widow. Bob never gives her any attention anymore. Spends all his time on the computer.
by I'm Pseudonym February 12, 2011
1. With lead, as in to blaze a path that others follow: Someone whose horrible taste leads others to believe he or she is cool and starts a trend that will ultimately die a horrible death at the hands of the fashion police. aka, Prince or Lady Gaga

2. With lead, as in a dense heavy material that sinks rapidly:

a. A person who's chronically bad decision making skills make it obvious to all witnesses that he/she is going to completely destroy his/her own life.


b. Used a a simile: Used to describe a person with a prodigious oral fetish.
Example for Definition 1:
Jenny: Don't you love my new outfit! It's so Lady Gaga!

Jill: Wow, that's amazingly horrible! Lady Gaga is a lead lemming, and you're just a tool.

Examples for Definition 2.
a. Larry: Did you hear that Bob sold his house for $300k and said he was going to invest all the money in lottery tickets?

Dave: Wow, didn't he buy that house for $2mil just five years ago? What a lead lemming.

b. Will: Hey, Joe, what do you think of that Jill chick?

Joe: Jill? Wow, I love Jill. That chick goes down like a lead lemming.
by I'm Pseudonym February 12, 2011

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