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The Hartford Whalers was the best thing that has ever happened to Conneticut. They werent that good, and usually missed the playoffs barely each year, but who gives a shit. Now theres only WNBA in CT, and it blows. IF the Whalers were still in Hartford then Conneticut, would not only have a professional team, but a world championship, as the Carolina Hurricanes, won the Stanley Cup, in 2006 and made it to the finals in 2002. The Hartford Whalers was something special to Conneticut, and now theres nothing. So you shouldve listened to The Zambonis and supported your team. If you dont miss the whalers you dont have a heart. And too all those hicks in Carolina, they arent true fans, also you dont deserve a championship. Weve went through decades of pain and never got a cup. So this championship (2006) isn't yours. Its for us True Whaler fans, yeah this ones ours.
damnit i miss the brass bonzana (Hartford Whalers theme song)
by I'll tell you when your older, September 23, 2006

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