2 definitions by I'd beat

Verb; The act of throwing up, vomiting, yacking, puking etc. Usually due to excessive drinking and other forms of inebriation.
Dude1 "Ashley was drinkin like crazy last night, did you see her?"

Dude2 "yeah, did she cake?"

Dude1 "word, bitch was cakin everywhere. Type gross...ewwww"
by I'd Beat September 18, 2011
adj; Having extremely dark skin. Commonly used by black people to make fun of Africans. The term isnt meant to be derogatory, just funny.
Terrell: "you see that nigga ova there?"

Leroy: "damn that nigga cooked"

Terrell: "word, he dark as fuck"

by I'd beat September 18, 2011

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