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15 definitions by I

word mispoken for pothead. funny cuz its cool. (i'd hope somebody can do this word justice)
Now here's a real poetheed, i mean pothead. (Simpsons - medical marijuana)
by i October 27, 2003
5 6
another great example of an exclamatory word to be used profusely. (its another way to enrich our vocab)
Holy sh*t batman.
by i October 27, 2003
11 13
Usually in a female, a period of being a bitch
Zahra has bitch flashes all the time.
by I November 23, 2004
9 16
to be boughy and suck serious ass!
Youre a boonky ball licker!
by I June 09, 2003
10 23
To inject an illicit substance (heroin, et. al.) directly under the skin rather than in the muscle, or the preferred way, in the vein. The result is typically, a small bump. This is typically done because your needle is crappy or your veins are shot. Shooting in the muscle typically hurts, so bumping isn't a bad way to go, and it beats snorting, arms down.
I had a shitty needle and needed to bump
My veins were all fucked up and I needed to bump
by i April 23, 2003
10 23
Hey, wanna do a line of yo?
by i October 27, 2003
12 39
A word used by many ugly punk girl's in icons on AIM messanger.
I just got done listening to fall out boy and i hate you because your a lush, now im going to go cut my wrist and put on black eyeshadow.
by i February 03, 2005
7 38