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3 definitions by I<3Jasmine

Arpantwacah: thinks white and asian chicks are hot.
Arpantwacah and The Mitchelltwacah 2
by I<3Jasmine February 16, 2005
1. A princess that is addicted to sex. Can be found in Arpan's bedroom. Friends of Jasmine are usually pimped by The Mitchell. Wears a chastity bracelet reserved for Arpan.
2. Asian girl no taller than 5'2"
3. Arpan and The Mitchell always beat Jasmine.
4.Thinks poor people suck. That's you.
Jasmine thought to herself, should I go to DOC or should I go back to my room. Either way I will end up in bed with Arpan.
Jasmine helps her parents by buying $1000000 worth of clothes and then applying for FAFSA.
by I<3Jasmine February 17, 2005
Chuck Norris, also known as Walker the Texas Ranger.
The white ninja would totally own Bruce Lee.
by I<3Jasmine February 16, 2005