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schpank is what i did to ur mom last night, peter pan's nephew, and guess what, she NEVER grows old!
ME: Ohh bitch ima schpank you!
Peter Pan's Nephew's Mom: OOOOH YES! Thank you!
by I/m gangsta December 22, 2003
schpank is when Peter Pan's nephew is having a hillbilly orgy with his cousin, aunt and uncle, all at once.
Hey bob, you brother, Narf is having a family orgy with his cousin, uncle and aunt all at once. I heard his granmda is his sister and his cousin is his dad.
by I/m gangsta December 31, 2003
Me! tu eres un cavron, peter pan's nephew! guttenburger!
Hey esse this fucking blows homy. Mi madre is un Mexicana, Jah? and Mi Papa is Deusthe! guttenheim! puto! Berlin Wall! Mexico! how dare you insult mi familia!
by I/m Gangsta December 24, 2003
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