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"The Heart Game" is a game played via text, online, or in writing. The object of the game is to make more "<3"s than your opponent. The game is usually used among couples or to flirt with someone, but it can be played to show appreciation. A winner is chosen when someone gives up, or when the max amount of hearts you can make is used (For example, if your texting only allows you to use 150 characters, you can only put that many hearts). You have to give the most number of hearts to win the game, and you have to include hearts in every response to your opponent.
*Texting. Playing to flirt*

Amy: LOL, that's cool <3
Vance: <33
Amy: Oh, the heart game? <333
Vance: Yes, lol <3333
Amy: You won't win <33333
Vance: Yes I will ;) <333333
by I,Be,A,Person June 28, 2011
A ghetto term used to call someone/something attractive, appealing, or pretty.
Guy1: Her picture is effing dope!
Guy2: I know man, she is so pretty.
by I,Be,A,Person April 23, 2011
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