50 definitions by I forget

The adult version of Google's search engine.
bla bla bla www.booble.com
by I forget February 04, 2004
something only a racist son of a bitch would call an asian person.
Hey, look at that slant eyed chink. She's as flat as my back.
by I forget March 02, 2005
it means better know as and it came from aka
my name Joseph bka Army Man
by I forget January 04, 2005
Japanese term for pussy. It is not the most polite way to say vagina. Pronounced oh-mon-koe
omanko koushi benjo ikakusai!
by I forget September 14, 2007
Used in message boards. Means - Fuck Her Up The Ass
Dude, she is so hot I would totally FHUTA.
by I forget October 14, 2004
something you say when someone does something nice for you
thank you mrs G for your support
by I forget January 07, 2005
A person you hope you never meet while in prison.
Bubba: You see that guy there?
OZ: Yeah, what about him?
Bubba: he's called the ass mangler. Watch you back when around him.
Oz: Why?
Bubba: Drop the soap and find out.
by I forget January 11, 2004
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