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A person who enjoys the uncommon fetish of rubbing his/her privates on toilet seats.
You know G_Dragon? Yeah, he's a total rim skipper.
by Hyptosis August 02, 2009
1. The act of killing and hollowing someone out, then stuffing their body with hay or cotton.

2. Standing in a field waiting for something to happen. Usually used as an insult.
1. Did you hear about James? Yeah, some freak scarecrowed him and left him hanging in his apartment.

2. What the fuck is grandpa doing in the yard? He's just standing there scarecrowing and staring at passing cars again.
by Hyptosis June 30, 2011
Someone's poop hole.
"Well, before I go, Tammy in accounting? She likes it up the old address."
by Hyptosis January 14, 2008
A guy with a stupid dick. A stupid, stupid, stupid pointy little dick. He knows who he is too.
"Mcgrue only wishes he was a chiseldick, but Andy is the real freak-crotch around here. Seriously, it's like steel wool and mothballs down there."
by Hyptosis December 30, 2011
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