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When ambulance staff are called under emergency conditions to some NFS or other needy, who despite having had 9 months to arrange transport to the hospital to delivery their sprog, have entirely failed in this and had to call the Big Yellow Taxi.
Jim and I were on our way back to base for our overdue mealbreak when we copped for a MaternaTaxi. Ran 20 minutes on blue lights to some NFS who was sat on her doorstep with a suitcase.
by Hypoxic Joe February 02, 2008
A large utility belt, worn by over enthusiastic, gear-head EMTs and Paramedics in the UK. They are well equipped with pouches for radio handset, big torch, scissors, attitude, gonads, sandwiches etc.
Well we went to pick up this NFS for a MaternaTaxi job and Barry wouldn't get out of the cab without his tackleberry. Tosser.
by Hypoxic Joe February 02, 2008
Shorthand in North Yorkshire for a resident of the town of Selby. Sadly those of the chavvy town of Selby have a higher than average chance of being alcoholic, or drug abusing, and/or educationally sub-normal. These folks are sometimes referred to as Normal For Selby when they abuse acute healthcare services and emergency services.
Nurse:"What you got for us then?"
Ambo:"Oh, nowt much, NFS. Never even touched my tackleberry"
Nurse:"Put em in Triage"
by Hypoxic Joe February 02, 2008

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