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1. Belief in the Supernatural.

2. Having extreme beliefs. (ex. conspiratist, fundamentalist, being indoctrinated)

3. Believing that Reason and Logic are Negative, or not having a proper understanding of either.

4. Not having a proper understanding of Scientific Method, or believing that it is Negative.

5. The opposite of a Pearlist.

Nittist, Nitt.
As an insult, this may be used to denote that someone is a 'Nitwit'.

Coined up in realization that whilst Theist had an opposite(Atheist), Pearlist(a relatively new term) did not.
As in Knitting, there is "Knit and Purl" often misconceived as "Knit and Pearl", as Knit is the opposite of Purl/Pearl, the term coined up to be the opposite of Pearlist, shall be known as Knittist, or by slang, Nittist.
1. That Christian is obviously a Nittist/Knittist.

2. Just another Nittist arguement.

3. Astrology is a Nittist belief.

4. Nitts are of a primitive primate mindset.
#knittist #nittist #knit #nitt #nit #nitwit
by Hypno Pants September 23, 2009
A term used to denote those who see religious symbols/persons/etc. in just about anything.
1. People who believe they can see Jesus on Toast.

2. People who believe they can see Satan's face in the 9/11 blast.

Originally coined after realization that toasty is a term often used to describe someone intoxicated, thus to be so intoxicated with religion as to see faces or symbols in just about anything, is to be Toasty, as to refer to the "Jesus Toast".

Based upon the term "Toady".
#toasty #toasties #toast #toastie #jesus #satan #9/11 #face
by Hypno Pants September 23, 2009
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