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Recommended Daily Allowance.

Term used to explain the amount recommended on a daily basis for vitamins and other dietary supplements.
Look on the side of any food product at the nutritional information, and somewhere in the little box should be the "RDA" on any of the recommended percentages of vitamins, minerals and other contents of that food.
by Hyphenate July 11, 2004
Verb form of acronym for fannish term, "Getting Away From It All."

Term originated sometime in either 40s or 50s, from science fiction fans who give up fandom for more mundane pursuits. GAFIA is the full term. Used in APAs by fans who decided to leave their fannish interests and become entrenched in the "real world."
Mary Sue loved reading fanzines, but decided to gafiate when she met and married a mundane banker.
by Hyphenate July 21, 2004

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