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Masturbating before bed to relax, which helps a body get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.
I was all stressed out about finals but took a sleeping pill and slept like a baby.
by Hymen Roth March 12, 2012
A euphemistic way of referring to a woman's menstrual period.
Girl: I'm not feeling so chipper today. I'm on my, um...

Boy: Your lunar cycle?
Girl: Yes!
by Hymen Roth September 20, 2016
Nickname, short for knuckles or knucklehead.

Similar to and sometimes synonymous with Nucky, an identical sounding nickname derived from the traditional Biblical name Enoch.

Also occasionally used as a euphamistic but not directly derivative version of another urban nickname, as in "my nukky."
What's up, nukky nuks!

Let's go, Nukky. I don't have all day here.

Yo, Nukky, tell me again what's the deli that makes that bomb reuben we had last week?
by Hymen Roth August 11, 2016
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