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3 definitions by Hykon

common insult used over xbox live by players of Modern Warfare 2. this insult is used as a way of telling the insultee to shut up while also proposing that he/she is a homosexual.
Loser: "Yeah! Did you see me quick scope you?!"
I Thuggy I: "Put your own dick in your butt!"
Loser: ?
I Thuggy I: "Did I stutter fool?"
by Hykon June 19, 2010
12 3
To perform a certain task or feat with style or without a care of the danger that may be present, especially used in gaming. Also see DiBN.
I Hykon I: We be doing it butt naked, son!
I Thuggy I: Yeah!
I Potpie I: Do it butt naked!
by Hykon June 19, 2010
3 1
popular clan tag used on modern warfare 2. abbreviaton for do it butt naked, can also be used to descrive that one is doing it buttnaked. can be pronounced as "diben." see do it butt naked
DiBNI Hykon I: we be dibben! doing it butt naked!
by Hykon June 19, 2010
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