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Something said by George Bush thats so dumb that it's funny!
"I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., June 26, 2008

"Amigo! Amigo!" --George W. Bush, calling out to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Spanish at the G-8 Summit, Rusutsu, Japan, July 10, 2008

What are your favorite Bushisms?
by Hyena King December 23, 2009
Valentines Day for toddlers.
Twas Valentikes Day and the little boy gave the little girl next door a half-dead flower.
"Thank oo" said the little girl.
by Hyena King February 14, 2010
The number after 21 and the number before 23.
What comes after 21?
What comes before 23?
What comes after 23?
by Hyena King December 23, 2009
An animal. Like a wild....dog.
It acts like it could be smokin' some of that weed!
Hyena: Heeheeheehee!
Elephant (To coyote): I don't know what he's smokin', but I want some of it!
Coyote:I can hook you up.
by Hyena King December 23, 2009
The spanish word for George Bush.
"I guess it's OK to call the secretary of education here, buddy. That means friend." --George W. Bush, Philadelphia, Jan. 8, 2009

"Pendejo."--Juan Rivas ,Texas, sometime in January
by Hyena King December 23, 2009
The only only easy way to get sex.
Not on Christmas, not on Halloween.
Hoes cost too much to pay.

Valentines day is the only day when I get to play.
by Hyena King February 14, 2010
A Dumbass.
George Bush: Nicaragua? Yes I've been there. It's a nice continent.
by Hyena King December 23, 2009

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