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Short term for campus police. A state trained police officer who does not have the right to carry a gun and works for a college campus. Campo has nothing better to do than bust hard working students for having a little fun. They are known for arresting well respected students for appearing inebriated or having a small marijuana stem in their desk drawer. They are very rude, and have no respect for privacy. They also think that every student is up to no good.
Campo saw a girl walking up the hill to her dormitory in high heels and a party dress. They suspected she was inebriated because she was having a hard time walking and fell into the street. "Help I twisted my ankle" said the girl. "stand up and walk in a straight line, we suspect you're drunk" said campo. "I'm not drunk, it's just really hard to walk up an icy sidewalk in dead winter because the school's budget doesnt allow road salt" the girl replied. "well if you're not drunk, do you smoke pot?" asked campo. "No I'm coming home from work" said the girl. "Come down to the station we need to find something to bust you for, we're bored" replied campo.
#assholes #campus police #rams #officers #thundercunt #marijuana #alcohol #school #college #party #drinking
by HybridOverdrive February 24, 2009
Adjective used to describe a friend who is very susceptible to getting their ass beat by selling fake bud to you. (see marijuana)
Poser Dealer: yo gangsta buy this shit off me its bomb mannnnnnn its bombbbbbbb.

Buyer: You're my friend man, I trust it- you would never cheat me.

- Upon closer inspection and eventual smoking of the bud it appears to be Legal Bud from online somewhere. wtf fml

- Dealer is now extremely volunary; he will end up getting his ass kicked.
#420 #weed #bud #volunary #hybridoverdrive #are you sure there aren't fives?!
by HybridOverdrive April 20, 2009
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