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The Wheelchair/shopping basket combo provided by some supermarket stores so that the partially disabled can shop.

Normally a standard motorised wheelchair type design with handlebars and a small shopping basket holder at the very front.

For obvious reasons, the 'spaz chariot pilot' is often a subject of ridicule. "Zoooooooom" "whooooosh" noises as they slowly cruise past you in the aisles are mandatory.
Check it out, that dudes cruising the spaz chariot like a demon!
by Hybrid-Halo May 27, 2005
Essentially, the PC Hardware Equivelant of suicide. A term used to explain circumstances in which the user is not the cause of a hardware meltdown and it can only be thought that the computer itself is responsible for it's demise.
"Howcome you're not online?"
"Oh man, My PC Committed Boxocide."
by Hybrid-Halo July 12, 2005
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