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A way of describing a chick or dude who isnt isnt hot by popular standards but is still damn sexy in an indie way.
Indie chick 1: Look at her over there. Shes such a blonde bitch!

Indie chick 2: Twetally! But her bf it sooo indie hot

Indie chick 1: I reckon! She sooo doesnt deserve him!


Indie dude 1: Heyy man! Huz the new gf?!?!

Indie dude 2: Yo! Its jonnys sister!

Indie dude 1: Hes such a fucking jock!

Indie dude 2: I kno. But his sister is indie hot!
by HxE December 13, 2009
Hard-Edge, in contrast to Hardcore (HxC) and Straight Edge (SxE), meaning you party and drink but dont do drugs and make out with everybody.
First time party kid: Wow that party was "HxE"!

Hardcore dude: not for you it wasnt. you didnt get wasted!

First time party kid: *Cries*
by HxE December 13, 2009
Straightcore, in contrast to Hardcore and straght edge. Means you make out or possibly drink a little at parties but dont fuck or get wasted.
7th grade kid: Wow! I was so HxC at that party last night!

Drunk 10th grader: No way! You kissed 1 ugly chick, thats barely even SxC

7th grade kid: *Cries*
by HxE December 13, 2009
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