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The combination of fluids that are generated from vigorous fucking.
The mix of fluids; her lubrication, orgasm, and his seman and cum, that mix together to make a froth. Our LOVESUDS covered us both in a potent mix of bodily fluids.
by Hwjo January 09, 2008
A mental arousal one experiences resulting from the external stimulation of a sex organ. As distiquished from physical arousal.
She was filled with the sinsation of desire as she was touched by her lover.
by Hwjo January 14, 2008
The sexual feelings a person goes through while waiting for what they anticipate to be a life altering sexual experience.
I have a friend who is anticipating their first sexual encounter with a person of the same sex. The two have agreed to meet and both understand that it will be an explorative encounter. The problem is that the date will not happen for nearly a week.
Now my friend is experiencing an extreme case of ANSEXIPATION; Anticipating sex with another woman and being so fucking turned on that she can hardly stand it! Ansexipation!
by Hwjo January 07, 2008
Luv chum -The smell and taste of a woman's pussy after a long night of fucking.
We fell asleep after sex last night. When I woke up I put my finger inside her, smelled and then tasted her Luv Chum.
by Hwjo January 18, 2012
Ansexipation with another homosexual.
He is in HOMO-ANSEXIPATION for his new lover.
by Hwjo January 08, 2008
Anticipating a sexual encounter.
She was filled with SEXIPATION and her fingers while waiting in for her lover.
by Hwjo January 08, 2008
Ansexipation with a another lesbian.
She is in LESBO-ANSEXIPATION for her new lover.
by Hwjo January 08, 2008

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