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A Cantonese (Chinese) word for a person or persons of Caucasian descent. In the past, it was meant as a demeaning racial slang towards people of white decent. However; over time it has lost its meaning and is no longer meant as a degrading word. It is now used freely and carries no derogatory meanings.

The more politically correct term is bakyen which means white people/person. However, this term is not as prevalent as guailo. Another common version of this term is bakguai which means "white demon"; which too no longer carries a derogatory meaning.

The literal meaning of "guailo" means "demon guy", "ghost guy".

Alternate Spellings: guilo, guilou, guailou
Why are there so many guailo here at this restaurant?
Guailo don't know how to eat Chinese food.
by Huy Ly April 01, 2008
A Chinese pastry made to celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, which is always on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar. Mooncakes come in many different varieties, the most popular being the ones with Lotus Seed filling. Mooncake is often given as a present from family to family. It is only made once a year. During the Yuan Dynasty, many Chinese rebels often used mooncakes to conceal notes and secret plans from their Mongolian oppressors, seeing as how the Mongolians didn't eat them.
I love to eat mooncakes. They are delicious.
by Huy Ly September 11, 2005

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